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May 2015

Institutionalized Othering in Terms of Criminal Justice, Race, and Gender

A panel of faith leaders gathered at the Festival of Faiths to deconstruct the concept of otherness and its role in race, class, and gender issues. Rev. Neichelle Guidry Jones, Rev. Willie Francois III, Elizabeth [...]

Spoken Word Poems by, Hannah Drake

On Saturday, May 16, during the Festival of Faiths program 'Discovering the Self in Sacred Journey with the Other,' Hannah Drake opened the discussion with a powerful spoken word poem titled '10 & 2.' In [...]

Sacred Journeys toward Hope

Stories of traditions and sacred journeys inspire an appreciation for collective human experience. Christina Lee Brown, a founder of the Festival of Faiths and a board member of the Center of Interfaith Relations, noted that [...]

The Many Shapes of the Sacred Journey

Wednesday morning's panel on the theme of East and West brought together speakers whose paths led them through exotic places as well as mundane situations on their own sacred journeys. Like Dante finding himself in a [...]

Contemplation of the Multiple & Strategic Action

Inspiration for contemplation—whether in the form of music, moral and ethical issues, or social discord—sets a course for solitude, but that solitude can serve as a seed for action. Allowing stillness and inviting contemplation opens [...]

The Legacy of Thomas Merton

Silence is intimate. It is no wonder Thomas Merton retreated to solitude toward the end of his time at the Abbey of Gethsemani. And it is no wonder each session at the Festival of Faiths [...]

Finding the way to the true self

Who, or what, is the real "me"? In today's world, with the proliferation of social media, i-devices, and various other tools that support the ego – which can sometimes be as literal as a selfie stick - [...]