Festival: A day or period of celebration
Originating from the Latin Festum meaning Feast
In 2015 I was given an RSVP
To the Festival of Faiths
I walked awkwardly through the oversized hall
I felt small, almost insignificant as I stood in the vestibule
The color of my skin felt almost as heavy as Joseph’s technicolor dream coat
Here I stood among people that did not look like me
And perhaps did not believe what I believed
I stood among world scholars, Buddhist priests, those with PhD's
And I wondered if they could see that on the inside suddenly I felt like that little Black girl that devoured
words and simply loved to read
I like, Langston, was the darker one
Sent to the kitchen when company comes
Vowing that tomorrow, I would be at the table
‘And no one would dare say to me eat in the kitchen
Besides, they’ll see how beautiful I am
And be ashamed—‘*
Then she said my name,
“Come. Pull up a chair, have a seat
Come. Let us reason together
This time the table is set for both of us to eat
Join me and we and us in this feast of faiths”
A cornucopia overflowing with dialogues of race, gender, religion
Suddenly my whispers transformed into echoes
And my skin was no longer a shield but a voice that shouted
I, too, am here …learn from me and I from you
So we dined and slowly sipped differences like aged wine
Basking in the aroma
Savoring the robust taste
Recognizing how interlaced our lives truly were
Our insecurities were dissected
In this butterfly effect life, we realized we were interconnected
We broke bread between us
We shared wisdom
We realized a life without differences was bland
Indeed, if we were the salt of the earth
It was our job to pepper the world with love, joy, peace,
forbearance, kindness, goodness,
faithfulness, gentleness and self-control
So our spirits devoured these nine fruits
Speaking sacred truths among us
We savored ideas
Consumed commonalities
Begrudgingly chewed the bitterness of injustice
Greedily thirsted for the sweet nectar of promise and better days
Vowing next year to place more chairs at the table for others to dine
Only then will we rise from the table of brotherhood together, better
Knowing that you, me, them, those, all people, will one day have the opportunity to feast from the table of faiths, until everyone is delightfully full.

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Hannah Drake
Hannah Drake
Hannah Drake as an author and poet that offers an inspirational message that has been heard in various arenas and has performed her poetry at the Legendary Showtime at the Apollo. She is frequently asked to speak throughout the country, offering an inspiring, poetic message of hope and deliverance believing that her words will ultimately be used for true transformation. In 2014 she joined Roots and Wings, a dynamic group of artists that seek to bring social change within their community. Hannah is the author of several collections of poetry and two novels.