The 2021 Festival of Faiths examined issues of systemic racism in America and the role of spirituality in healing from the trauma of oppression. Sacred Change: Essential Conversations on Faith and Race celebrated the unique beauty, power and strength of Black faith experiences while facing the profoundly brutal outcomes of genocide, slavery and “profit at any cost.” Renowned speakers and artists helped us challenge prevailing narratives and explore pathways to truth, repair and hope in framing a future defined by justice.

Session Videos

Note: The videos below are from our livestream feed and may have minor glitches. The fully edited videos will be premiere on our YouTube channel in January 2022.

Keeping Emmett’s Casket Open: Racial Reckoning in America and Louisville

The Inner Work of Racial Justice with Rhonda Magee: Part I

Black Faith’s Encounter with Black Trauma, Pain and Nihilism

The Ghosts and Growing Edges of Black Faith: Intersectional and Interreligious Conversations

After Hours: Uplifted: Artistic Expressions of Racial Healing and Repair

The Inner Work of Racial Justice with Rhonda Magee: Part II

Truth and Repair

Closing Walk

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